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guest services

Located on the lower level of the shopping centre

P 250 952-5690

E tbcinfo@cushwake.com

Administration Office

2-1150 Douglas Street

Victoria, BC V8W 3M9

P 250 952-5690

E tbcinfo@cushwake.com


If your inquiry is an emergency please contact The Bay Centre's 24-hour Security team at 250 388-7803

It is rewarding to work in the heart of the business district where I am part of a diverse community of stakeholders who contribute together to build a stronger downtown. 

darlene hollstein

General Manager

P 250 952-5699

E darlene.hollstein@cushwake.com

The variety of people and challenges I encounter in my day... It keeps me interested, it keeps me sharp and best of all it keeps me coming back. 

Kevin Delorme

Operations Manager

P 250 952-5685

E kevin.delorme@cushwake.com

Preparedness is the key to safety and security. 

Jeff Turner

Security & Life Safety Manager

P 250 952-5696

E jeff.turner@cushwake.com

Discovering and sharing the Centre’s best kept secrets, like enjoying the sun streaming though the galleria roof early in the mornings in centre court.  

Adrienne lockstead

Marketing Director

P 250 952-5687

E Adrienne.lockstead@cushwake.com

Every season the building’s architecture shines, from the frozen Fort Street fountain on a snowy day, to the sun streaming on the food court patio in the summer. 

Dallas Brehaut

Operations Supervisor

P 250 952-5695

E dallas.brehaut@cushwake.com

Working in the centre of the downtown shopping district makes for the best lunch hour breaks. 

Bethany Crowther

Accounts Administrator

P 250 952-5686

E bethany.crowther@cushwake.com

Hearing the chimes of the iconic clock makes me think of old world Victoria and what it may have been like. 

Cheryl Scramstad

Admin Assistant

P 250 952-5688

E cheryl.scramstad@cushwake.com

Growing relationships with our guests makes me feel like I am making an impact. 

Emma Manfredi

Operations/Marketing Assistant

P 250 952-5680

E Emma.manfredi@cushwake.com

Delivering a guest experience that is above and beyond their expectations is what it is all about.

Sam Waller

Marketing Assistant/Guest Services Lead

P 250 952-5683

E sam.waller@cushwake.com

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